My CDs

Journey Home (2018)

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest CD, Journey Home

The opportunity to create this album in my hometown was an unexpected gift! My appreciation beyond words go to Alan Rempel for his dedication to these songs and his ability to nurture musical alchemy with skill and grace.  Special thank yous to: all the fine musicians who added their creativity to this project; Budinka Rempel for her culinary gifts and angel voice on the last chorus of “If You Leave Me” and Scout Mountain for being my bluegrass band on Here and Gone. 

To my loved ones – family and friends – and everyone these songs speak to, you are woven into the music. 

Album information and lyrics here.


Devon Hanley: Live Studio Sessions (2017)

I started recording my original songs in studios in the early 80s.  I have folk and jazz demos from those years (go to Soundcloud to have a listen!), as well as live studio demos of songs I have been writing since the release of my first CD in 2008. My latest CD, Live Studio Sessions, is comprised of live, acoustic studio recordings made in North Vancouver with Rolf Hennemann (producer and engineer of Nothing But Sky), at BakerStreet Sound, and studio sessions in Powell River with Tom Dowding at the Music Room.  The song Least I Can Do was recorded in 1986 at Blue Wave Studios in Vancouver, and my tribute to Leonard Cohen, All the Poets are Leaving, was recorded this past December at 4 Doors Down, with Greg Reid engineering and playing bass. I am honoured to share these songs with you!

Nothing But Sky (2008) 

When I arrived in Powell River in 2006 I had not performed for close to 15 years.  I had written only one song - Know You by Heart - for my son James, in 2003.  But something magical took place when I arrived in this small coastal town:  I joined a choir, was invited to jam sessions and started writing songs again.  I made my comeback at Powell River’s Outdoor Summer Market stage, and in 2007 I was asked to perform at the Sunshine Music Festival.  Within a year I had enough songs to make my first CD.  I went into BakerStreet Studios in North Vancouver with producer/engineer, Rolf Henneman, (engineer for Ann and Nancy Wilson’s mega album, Dreamboat Annie!).  Rolf hired superb musicians who lent their ideas and talent to the project.  His superb ear and good sense of humour made the making of this album a wonderful experience. 

© Devon Hanley 2018