Leandre’s Song

 These old bones are ready to go

and my heart is beating in a cage

One of these days I'm letting go

Seventy-six is a pretty good age.

I've got three loving kids with kids of their own

Every one of them so beautiful and strong

And they shine like gold, they shine like the sun 

Coming up to greet me at dawn


Chorus: Do this for me

             Carry me back home

             And lay me down

             With those who went before


I've told my stories and I've shed some tears

I've listened and I've been heard

My secrets, I'll carry them with me 

Lay them down in the next world




These old bones are ready to go

They’ve served me well for so long

I’ve held my children, I've climbed these mountains

I've paddled rivers with these  arms


© Devon Hanley 2018