The Bed Song

 When the sun is golden

And the trees shine green

And morning’s unfolding slow

You make me coffee and breakfast 

And we talk and talk

And away the hours go

We make plans to do this

We make plans to do that

And we don’t really care

And there’s laundry and dishes so we go back to bed

And we spend several hours there

When I first met you 

You didn’t have a couch 

And so if we needed to talk

We’d go into the bedroom and sort it all out

But now, you have a couch

Everything gets done in its own sweet time

But words we never leave unsaid

There’s the table, the couch and the car for a drive

But we prefer the bed

Now the sun is setting and the light is soft

And the afternoon is slipping by

We step out in the neighborhood for a walk

Arm in arm, hand in hand, 

You and I

We make plans to go here

We make plans to go there

But we don’t really try

And there’s errands to run and dinner to make

But we go back to bed one more time

There are errands to run

And a thousand things to get done

So we go back to bed one last time.

© Devon Hanley 2018