For Everything

 Your kindness shines out to me

Bright like the moon

Like the silver on our skin

In that loving room

And I thank you for showing me

Passion strong and true

For showing me the goodness 

There can be for two

Thank you for talking with me

Thank you for laughing me through my tears

Thank you for rocking me in your arms

Thank you for everything we shared

Our differences divided us

But I know we are the same

Your skin (my skin)

Your touch (my touch)

Your sorrow, my pain

What you wanted

I could not give

Yet my heart was always yours

I ran, but I returned

To your open door

And thank you for walking with me

Holding my hands and breathing me calm

Thank you for the sweetness of your touch

Thank you for every, every moment of your love

Sometimes we were water and wind

Sometimes heat and flame

Sometimes we burned into light and love

Into everything, into nothing

Into the same

Thank you for loving me so well

Thank you for your wisdom and your words

Thank you for every road you walked down

Thank you for everything, thank you for everything

Thank you for everything we shared

© Devon Hanley 2018