Alberta Bound

Got no phone, No way home

Traveling the wrong way down this lonesome road

Alberta bound, Alberta bound

Land is flat, sky is wide

Grass grows tall and the air is spit dust dry

Alberta bound, Alberta bound

CHORUS: Wish you’d change your mind and come with me

In the open spaces love can be found

But I left you behind on that rocky coast line

Don’t turn around, Baby don’t turn around

The baby’s face lights up like the sun

The dogs run with me when the cool evening comes

I wish you were, Alberta bound

CHORUS: We could drive out to the old dance hall 

You could swing me round and round the floor

I’ll be holding on till the very last song

Baby once more, I’m going to say it once more 

Come with me, cast aside your doubts

Let a prairie lightening storm strike wonder in your heart 

And we’ll be, Alberta bound

Yes we’ll be, Alberta bound

Yes we’ll be, Alberta bound

© Devon Hanley 2018