Away to the Wind

Away to the wind

And home we will go

Away from the shores

That we’ve come to know

Ebb tide’ll take us

Wind’ll do the rest

Home to the place 

We love best

Oh the hot days of summer

Have burned past us now

Nights have grown chilly

Dew’s coming down

Say goodbye to our friends

From points north and south

And head home 

To the place we love best


Away to the wind

And home we will go

We’ll be all tucked in

When those winter winds blow

When a thousand shades of grey

Descend on the coast

We’ll be home

In the place we love best

I’ll watch by my window

All winter long

For the tugs and ferries 

Braving the storms

The booms are tied up 

Just a stone’s throw from shore

When that southeaster breaks

Well I’ll see them no more


© Devon Hanley 2018