Carry Us Away

I can watch the sun come up

Watch it go down

I can see the weather changing

And the day turn around

Watch the wind sweep the water

Watch the clouds paint the sky

I can see those tugs working the Strait

As the eagles fly

Oh, carry us away

Packed up our memories

We packed up our hopes

We will bring your drawings and my songs 

And you daddy’s sailing boat

Our dreams are soaring 

Out over the open sea

I will make these beds one last time

To hold us in our sleep

Oh, carry us away 

Drove as far as the road would go

Oh, carry us away 

Left behind everything we know

All the rooms are swept and bare

The hallway’s empty

And the windows stare like lonely eyes

Out into the street

Blossoms have scattered

Lilac’s sweet at night

Friends and neighbors come from all around

To say Goodbye

Oh, carry us away 

Stood in the driveway waving goodbye

Oh, carry us away 

Turned the corner into nothing but sky

Oh, carry us away

Carry us away

© Devon Hanley 2018