Oceans and Stars

I’ll make up the bed

In case you’re driving up this way

To find that land you’ve been dreaming about

From your city of steel and grey

Oh I know you love it there

Makes you feel so alive

But you’re a west coast boy

Deep down inside

Here where the ocean

And the stars come down

Where the wind in your sails

Can bring you around

Where the hand of God

Looks like it touched down

Here where the ocean

And the stars come down

You been livin’ the dream

In the big apple town

You’ve had your struggles

And you’ve been let down

Oh but you never lost that smile in your eye

And you never let the brush run dry

Here where the ocean…

I met you down south

We were just eighteen

Wandering the market place

Living out on the beach

But then you went your way

And I went mine

Here we are thirty years

On in time

Here where the ocean…

© Devon Hanley 2018