On Your Journey Home

 Journey Home:  a song for my brother Sean Kevin Hanley, June 10, 1960 - June 10, 2015, composed April 2016, recorded May 2017.  Devon Hanley - vocal and acoustic guitar; Al Rempel - electric bass.  This song will be on my next CD, due out spring 2018, with a beautiful accordion track played by Denis Keldie.

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Lyrics:  Journey Home

On your journey home

Don’t forget to cry

You are not alone

You are mine

When you take that step

To the great beyond

You might be afraid

But carry on

Those who wait behind

We think of you sometimes

Moments of our day

Light up

Spring has come again

Blossoms fly like snow

I feel you like a song

I’ve always known

I can see your smile

You always made me laugh

Together we were kids

So long ago

When distances are far

Our hearts can still be near

I look up in the sky

And talk to you

On your journey home

Don’t forget to cry

The love you never knew

Is close b

© Devon Hanley 2018